October 20, 2019

When I was a boy my brother & I set up a little stand for selling sweet corn. We’d buy the corn from a nearby farmer for 25 cents a dozen & sell it at our stand for 50 cents (that was a long time ago). It was good corn but I think our downfall was the fact that our house was located along a major highway with a 55-mph speed limit. Few people stopped & of those that did, only a few bought any corn. Who pulls off a major road because they see a sign that advertises corn for sale then doesn’t buy any? Lots of people. Maybe that’s why I’m a pastor & not in the grocery business.

Not everyone we share the gospel with is going to accept it. Who hears about the wonderful gift of eternal life God offers to us then turns it down? Lots of people. Yet it’s a great privilege to be the person offering this precious gift to others. Prayer helps to prepare me for distributing this tremendous gift as it prepares others to receive it. Offer the gospel to others but don’t forget to bathe the whole venture in prayer. Otherwise you might be like a set of brothers I know whose family ate a lot of corn one summer – left holding the goods without many takers.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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