October 13, 2019

My mom’s nap was interrupted some years ago by three angels she said were dressed like warriors. She thought they were taking her home but they said they’d been dispatched to come to my aid in answer to her prayers. This happened while our church was in the middle of a terrible battle for its very existence.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series on prayer to interject a teaching on angels. Some people have had a few very profound interactions with God’s holy messengers while most are blind to their many interventions in our lives. Most are here to help; a few from the dark side pretend to represent God, so it’s best to be wary. Some of us have been kind to strangers not knowing they were actually God’s servants on a mission! Angels are very powerful & it’s comforting to know that many more of them are on the Lord’s side than have defected into the enemy’s camp. The God of angel armies is always by my (& your) side.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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