October 27, 2019

The word “meeting” is a neutral term: a meeting can be good or it an be bad depending on many factors. For example, a meeting with an IRS auditor is probably not a good thing. However, meeting a couple of friends for lunch is something to look forward to. What feelings are stirred in your soul when I mention each of the following types of meetings: meeting the new boss, PTO meeting, meeting new neighbors, meeting with your insurance agent, a board meeting…a prayer meeting? That last one is a great question because if you curled your lips (like you do when you pass a freshly fertilized field) the enemy has been doing some great propaganda work in your mind. If, however, it warms your soul you are probably on the right track.

Meeting with God ought to have the same reaction as smelling freshly baked cinnamon roles or finding out you have $200 more in your bank account than you thought. Meet with the Lord soon; meet with Him often.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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