December 22, 2019

I went into the Ollie’s Outlet in South Hanover in search of Lara Bars, a favorite snack of our kids & grandkids. I stopped to ask a clerk if they carried the bars. At first, he didn’t know what I was talking about, then he did, but said they didn’t carry them. As I started to walk away he connected the dots between Lara Bars & his battle with Psoriasis (a condition that effects the skin). I heard graphic details of sores breaking out on his arm, a number of treatments he’d tried that did not work & finally what did. There was a special ointment that did the trick but he couldn’t remember what it was called.

I don’t have Psoriasis. I don’t know anyone who needs my advice as to how to treat it. I didn’t need to think about nasty skin lesions. I just wanted some Lara Bars.

When John tells us the Christmas story, he cuts right to what he sees as the most pertinent facts: those things that affect us directly. I wish he worked at Ollies.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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