December 29, 2019

For the longest time I struggled making pie crusts. If I managed to put one together at all it was more of a patchwork job, thicker in some places, very thin in others. Some were way too sticky, others far too dry. Add to that the fact I left the counters a mess & it was pretty much a disaster.

No more! Now I have the perfect pie crust each & every time. My secret? Pre-made pie crusts you can find in your grocery store refrigerated section. I learned that secret from my mom who was herself an excellent crust maker. She said, “Why go to all that trouble when these taste just as good?”

When you find a better or easier way of doing something, do it. That’s what today’s text tells us. Stop living the world’s way in sinful, destructive patterns. Learn to follow the paths of righteousness, wisdom & joy the Lord illuminates in His Word. Like all change, it will take some time to adapt but it will be time & effort that will pay great dividends for the rest of your life.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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