September 1, 2019

My wife has battled a fever for months. The funny thing is she’ll often feel hot when her temperature is 99.4 & feel like she’s freezing when its over 100. There have been times this past summer when I sat wrapped in a blanket while she sat in shorts with an ice pack with the AC & ceiling fan running full tilt. She will often ask me if I feel hot or cold because she knows she can’t trust her own impressions to be valid.

The reason Paul gives us rules to follow as we worship is because there are times when we are not the best judge of whether what we feel we ought to do to express our praise is beneficial to everyone in the church or not. It’s easy to get excited & carried away while thinking everyone else is lacking spiritual fervor. Or we may think that someone who shouts out a word of praise to be overly zealous when in fact they may be very pleasing to the Lord. It’s good to trust others when we’re trying to determine the “temperature in the room.” Am I helping others in the body draw closer to the Lord or distracting them from their own worship experience? Follow the rules & you’ll be fine.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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