December 8, 2019

I was at the deli counter in Weis the other day when a new employee was being trained. She asked me for my order then appeared confused as she looked back & forth through the meat case. Her mentor then pointed out not only where she could find my selection but instructed her on the basic layout of the meats & cheeses. Every item had a specific place in a logical pattern so that everyone working there could quickly find what they were looking for in order to keep customers moving along.

The newbie was a bit embarrassed & apologized for not having remembered what her mentor had obviously told her several times already. “That’s alright,” said her trainer, “soon you’ll know this deli like the back of your hand.”

  It is important to those teaching others that their students learn & stick with the job else instructors would need to start over every day with a new trainee. Today we’ll be talking about following the instructions our Lord has laid down. Thankfully, He’s a patient & forgiving teacher. Jesus isn’t going to drop you just because you make some mistakes. As long as you show up for work wanting to learn He’ll keep the lessons coming.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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