December 30, 2018

While you are here being inspired by the preaching/acting of our good friend Rene Kinard I hope to be preaching in Monroeville, PA. I’ve been invited to share on the topic of “forgiveness” at the church where I started my ministry as a Youth Pastor. The pastor there, Lance Lacocq, used to be a student in my Youth Group. At my mom’s funeral we were able to reconnect with many members of that church we’d not seen in decades.

Barb & I left that ministry 37 years ago but were able to pick up with some of our old friends as if we’d never lost contact. Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience reconnecting with old classmates, friends from your military days or people from an area you used to live. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? And there’s so much to talk about! Kids have been born & raised, careers have been completed, achievements have been accomplished, surgeries have taken place… It’s a little taste of heaven where everyone will be a brother or sister we may have never met here on earth.

Get the summary of your life ready because you’re going to be telling it a lot! Not much to tell? There’s still time. Have a great rest of your life!

Pastor Joel Everhart

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