September 29, 2019

Sitting in the Cernugals’ living room shortly after Marty was discharged from rehab, it dawned on me that the last time I’d been in their home was shortly after Carole had come home from the hospital. I’ve watched as a number of our older couples have taken turns helping each other recover from an injury or illness. I don’t think there’s a greater expression of love than that.

Sometimes a rather contentious relationship can be helped through just such an experience. Realizing our dependency on one another, doing for our partner what they cannot do for themselves & working together to get things done, has a way of drawing us in, bringing us closer.

It’s time to stop thinking that the Lord is the only one expected to do anything in this relationship we have with Him. Along with all the benefits of being part of His family come some very serious responsibilities. When you finally “take up your cross” & follow Him, you’ll find a fellowship with the Lord you never knew existed.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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