September 22, 2019

We moved from Lake Meade to Hanover just as our daughter Kayla was entering the 10th grade. She hated her new school & begged us to home school her. I told her that if after two weeks she still couldn’t stand her new classes we’d get her out. What I was thinking was that given two weeks she would make the adjustment & everything would be fine. The reality was that her nerves were becoming more & more unglued. We ended up home schooling her throughout her senior high experience.

Have you ever made a promise not thinking you’d really have to back it up but then had to do just that? God gave humanity authority to rule over the earth. If Adam & Eve & every one of their descendants had remained obedient to the Lord that decision would have worked out a lot better than it has. Nonetheless, we still carry God-given authority as human beings. We use that authority well when we pray. We invite the Lord’s power, wisdom & knowledge into this world when we ask for His help. As the song says, “we need to pray like never before.”

Pastor Joel Everhart

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