November 10, 2019

I’ve had the pleasure of taking 3 of my grandsons fishing & seeing them catch their 1st fish. They’re okay with worms, love pulling their line out of the water with a fish dangling at the end of it & holding it up for pictures. Taking the fish off the hook while it wiggles & squirms…well, not so much. At what age does a child lean not only to catch but gut & clean their dinner? Usually, not until the one teaching them to fish demands it.

Our Heavenly Father is teaching us how to fish for people. It’s a messier business than you might think. He’s not always going to prevent our hands from getting “fishy”. There are disappointments, it takes perseverance, sacrifice & you’ll get pinched but all of that is part of the sport. You will need to learn to deal with the occasional snake. Its time for us to grow up, look, act & live like adults in His Kingdom.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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