May 5, 2019

Normally, a 28-degree temperature with a 19-degree wind chill factor in the middle of January is not a problem: I bundle up a little tighter & take my morning run. But those were the conditions on April 1st of this year (no fooling!). Two days earlier it had been sunny & 70! I wimped out & ran inside at the YMCA. I’ve come to accept more responsibility for my health than I used to. The things I do, or neglect to do, really do have an affect on how I feel.

The fact is, each of us is far more responsible for many factors in our life than we would like to admit. It’s a lot easier to blame something or someone else for our poor attitude or lack of financial planning or spiritual growth than to do the work necessary to improve. God has given each of us tremendous potential but that potential must be developed in order to be enjoyed. Start with an honest evaluation of where you’re at, decide on some reasonable goals, then take the 1st couple of steps in that direction.

We were created to be a masterpiece but some of us have settled for a connect the dots coloring page that looks like it’s the work of a preschooler. The Master is standing by to help but He can’t do His best work until we want what He wants bad enough to start living as though what we do today really does affect our tomorrow.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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