March 3, 2019

As a child I was taught that Roman Catholicism was a cult & that the Pope would be the Antichrist. As a teenager I experienced the Charismatic Renewal sweeping across our country & found myself worshiping alongside priests & nuns in some of the most powerful services I’ve ever attended. I have since learned that there are true believers in every denomination (some more than others) & a great many people in the Assemblies of God who do not know the Lord.

I think God takes great delight in “blowing our minds.” That’s what he did in today’s text for the Apostle Peter. Now, mind you, Peter was the head of the church — if anyone was supposed to have everything figured out it was him. Still, the Lord absolutely blew Peter’s expectations out of the water. Keep an open mind to what Jesus has in store for you.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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