March 24, 2019

When it comes to the information highway, I’m driving in the slow lane. The other day I learned how to take video with my phone! Several teens from the church told me not to bother setting up a Facebook account because that’s for old people. Snapchat, Twitter, &/or Instagram is where it’s at — at least, that’s where it was last week.

Once again, I’ve been made aware that my devices can do a lot more than I use them to do. First, I have to be made aware that an app or program exists, then I have to learn how to use it, then find out what else it can do.

This process is very similar to how we grow spiritually. First, you need to find out that a spiritual experience exists such as Salvation, Water Baptism, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, etc. Then, you need to learn how to access it: repent & believe, find someone willing to baptize you, ask Jesus … Next, you need to grow in that experience in order to enjoy all the benefits said experience has to offer. This morning we’re going to look at Salvation. Salvation offers so much more than the forgiveness of our sins & a reservation in heaven. If that’s all you’ve been using it for you are missing out on some of its greatest features.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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