January 5, 2020

I didn’t like going to school. I threw a holy fit getting to the bus stop for about the 1st month of 1st grade (I never went to kindergarten). School wasn’t like home; my teacher was nothing like my mother. At home my time was my own, I got up whenever I pleased, did what I wanted… School demanded I be outside waiting for a bus at an ungodly hour for a 6-year-old. School kept me captive for 7 hours a day, demanded I memorize math tables, learn how to read, it put a pencil in my hand then told me I used it wrong.

 Later in life I went to work & found out some people treat you worse than school when they’re paying you. They get all bossy: do this, do that, never do that again.

 People go to school, people go to work, they do everything everyone tells them to do so they can get good grades & make some money. But when it comes to serving GOD everyone wants a free pass to serve Him however they feel like serving Him. That didn’t work when you were 6 & it won’t work now. Get with the program.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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