December 16, 2018

Driving in to the office the other day I stopped for a school bus coming the opposite direction with its flashers blinking. We sat there for quite a while looking from one side of the road to the other at no one coming from anywhere. It actually inspired a little sympathy in me for bus drivers as I wondered how long & how often they were required to wait for someone who wasn’t coming.

No doubt you’ve been waiting for people you love to come to Jesus. You have prayed for them, dropped witness seeds, invited them to church but so far they’ve kept their distance.

Just like that bus driver will stop at that same stop tomorrow knowing it’s possible that student is ready to go to school, we need to faithfully make our rounds. It’s never wrong to keep working for someone’s salvation but doubly true now. I believe God has given us a window of opportunity, an enhanced, energized boost of His anointing to see people get right with God who have not been interested previously. The time is short, now is the time to make one more round; do your best to get as many to safety as you can.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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