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December 11, 2022

Trying to do what we cannot do only leads to a great deal of frustration, or worse. Jumping off a building trying to fly can be deadly. There are a lot of people who make it sound like we can keep ourselves from ever getting sick or injured, and if we do, we can heal ourselves by following some faith formula. Others have a magic potion that eliminates toxins or releases enzymes or whatever that cures everything from the common cold to cancer.

Many of these people are well meaning; a few want to cash in on you buying their product or advice. Any one of them can make you feel like you aren’t doing enough to help yourself. Not only are you hurting, now you feel guilty.

Today, we meet a man who was doing his best to help his own cause when Jesus happened by and changed everything. “Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry. While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by.”

-Pastor Joel Everhart

December 4, 2022

  Humans suffer from “social inertia”: the propensity to keep doing what we’ve always done, heading in the same direction we’ve always headed unless or until acted upon by some force. Many people don’t even consider God until they encounter a problem they’re not equipped to handle. That consideration grows into a search when all other conventional means of approaching said problem prove helpless.

The Lord graciously meets us at the point of our need. We find Him compassionate, able, and willing to help us. Many sink right back into their old patterns after receiving help from God. Others, however, are forever changed by the encounter. Such was the case in today’s study.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

November 27, 2022

There’s such a fine line between love and hate. Our own Civil War divided families that otherwise would have gotten along fine. Politics today do the same. Imagine, a thought or ideal, only one among millions of points of agreement can turn people against one another.

The Jews and Samaritans of Jesus’ day were closely related genetically and geographically but were miles apart socially. Jesus started a new dialogue that reached into the future rather than referenced wounds from the past. Philip would later walk in His footsteps and a revival broke out. Like it or not, we’re all related. Every human being on earth came from the same parents: Adam & Eve. Don’t let the world dictate to you how you should feel about people from other races, religions or political parties. Let love build a bridge where others have planted land mines.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

November 20, 2022

Obviously, we have a lot to be thankful for, but have you ever thanked God for you? You are a unique blend of gifts and characteristics. You are a God-send to the people who love you. You make a difference in this world. There are some things you’re not very good at but others you do very well, even good enough to make a living at. You may have lost a few abilities along the way but gained others. Chances are you’re more patient than you used to be, are probably better at praying and have better priorities than you used to have. All those things are of immense value. Did you know that God values the ability to suffer well? Peter wrote a lot about that in his two epistles. So, even if you aren’t going to win any races, just improving your attitude will brighten your life and make God proud. Not only does God love you because He loves everyone; He loves you because you are you.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

November 13, 2022

If you are a football fan, you are familiar with quarterback competitions. Once a signal caller establishes himself as “elite”, the team usually eliminates any competitors so he can play unincumbered by the stress of being replaced. However, getting to that place is extremely stressful. The difference in salary alone between a starting quarterback and a backup is tens of millions of dollars a year. Understandably, said competition can get nasty.

When John the Baptist began his ministry in Israel, he didn’t fit into any of the popular schools of theology or doctrine; Pharisees and Sadducees being the two most prevalent. Those groups did not see him for what he was: a fresh breath from heaven but saw him as competition for the attention of the masses.

Then Jesus begins to teach and do miracles. He created a whole new threat to the intrenched systems of religion. In order to confound both John the Baptist’s ministry and that of Jesus, the religious leaders of the day tried to create jealousy between John’s camp and that of Jesus. John and Jesus, knowing they were on the same team, working toward the same goal, each defused the enemy’s plan by responding humbly to the situation. When the world expected them to “defend their territory”, each simply supported the other. No competition here, just mutual support and love.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

November 6, 2022

The wife and I were planning on meeting our kids and their families in Massanutten, VA for this weekend. Unfortunately, Barb isn’t up for the trip. She hasn’t been feeling very well for a very long time but recently, her health seems to be getting worse. We sure appreciate all of your prayers on her/our behalf. Hopefully, we’ll get a little extra rest and get to see the kids soon.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

October 30, 2022

When I’m driving my Mustang, I’ll have other Mustang drivers give me a friendly wave. Motorcyclists and Jeep owners have their little greetings for one another on the highway. There are probably a few more vehicles that fit that category of being a “thing”. When I’m driving my Lexus, nobody cares. My Lexus looks like five other makes made in the same decade. There are millions of white cars that look nearly identical to mine on the road. You need to look for the badge to see which company made it.

True believers have a way of finding each other. They stick out from the crowd. There are millions of generic Christians. You may or may not find them in church on any given Sunday, you could work beside them or go to school with them for years and never even suspect they have any faith in Jesus. They tend to blend in with whatever crowd is available. But true believers stand out. They are unusual. They’re unconcerned about the opinion of the majority. They’re living to please One. Are you ready to join our club?

-Pastor Joel Everhart

October 23, 2022

What kinds of needs qualify for prayer requests? Usually, whenever we mention something to the body at large it has to be a rather “large” need: cancer, loss of a job, CT scans, etc. That makes sense, of course, otherwise we’d be here all day hearing about each other’s car inspection coming due, our cousin’s pony, and an upcoming dental exam. However, that doesn’t prevent each of us from carrying all these and more to God in prayer for both ourselves and those we love. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. We are to “cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us”. Less worry, more prayer; less stress, more faith. No need too large, no concern too small; take it to the Lord in prayer.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

October 16, 2022

Imagine knowing exactly what you were going to do with your life from the moment you are born. Your parents told you about an angelic visitation and a number of prophecies that had been spoken over your life. Deep inside your own soul you have had a conviction, an unmistakable call. Such was the life of John the Baptist. He was born to get everyone else ready to meet the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

In a way, that’s our purpose and call too. Perhaps not from birth but surely from the moment we are born again. What is there about your life that points others to Jesus, and are there any things that detract from that purpose? If your lamp could use a brighter bulb, don’t get discouraged and quit, ask the Lord to cleanse your lens and increase your wattage.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

October 9, 2022

As I see the end of my pastoral career appear on the horizon, God willing still a few years off, I think about those things most necessary to communicate. The Gospel of John heads that list. It was written that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God come to save us from our sins. It contains what is likely the most important verse in the whole Bible: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

I fear that as I have labored to prepare for this series that I’ve sliced the bread a little too thin, that is, spent too much time in each of the chapters rather than just hit the highlights. The problem with this is to drag the series too far out and perhaps lose the interest of my audience. At the same time, I fear that I’ve not been studious enough, missing some nutritious morsels that might make a real difference in your spiritual walk. But I suppose that is the dilemma of every pastor as he sets about the task of feeding the body.

Pray along with me that what is most necessary will be brought out each week and that all of us will be strengthened by it.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

October 2, 2022

Ever make yourself sick? You ate something you knew would upset your stomach or cause heartburn later. Maybe you stayed up too late knowing you had a “big day” coming up. Perhaps you’ve continually eaten things that have packed on the pounds causing a mirid of discomforts and disorders. Sorry.

I bring that up because I think we do the same thing to ourselves mentally. For some reason our soul loves to dine on negative thoughts. Gossip is tasty, self-pity goes down so smooth, self-loathing has an addictive quality, and expecting the worst feels so right. Yet, all of this negativity drives up anxiety and invites depression. We become emotionally obese. Our thoughts are painful and our mood morose.

What if there was a way to brighten our mood and let a little light into our soul? What if you could get an appetite for positive, healthy, joyful thoughts? The key, as Dr. Tim Keller tells us, is not to listen to your heart but to talk to it. Don’t be driven by how you feel; direct your feelings according to the promises of God.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

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