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January 12, 2020

A couple years ago we were studying the passage of Scripture that says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.” I’ll never forget what one of the commentators I studied for that sermon said, “If you’re not going to be a peacemaker, at least don’t be a troublemaker.” That comment would be a good place to start for today’s message.

When following Jesus as one of His disciples, be open to discovering ways you stir up trouble. Maybe it’s just to get a rise out of someone or you think it’s funny. Change your goal from stirring things up to calming people down. Be a peacemaker, promote healing, learn to comfort the hurting, and help those who struggle. Stop giving them a hard time and start lending them a listening ear. On the battlefield of life we need more medics and less collateral damage.

Pastor Joel Everhart

January 5, 2020

I didn’t like going to school. I threw a holy fit getting to the bus stop for about the 1st month of 1st grade (I never went to kindergarten). School wasn’t like home; my teacher was nothing like my mother. At home my time was my own, I got up whenever I pleased, did what I wanted… School demanded I be outside waiting for a bus at an ungodly hour for a 6-year-old. School kept me captive for 7 hours a day, demanded I memorize math tables, learn how to read, it put a pencil in my hand then told me I used it wrong.

 Later in life I went to work & found out some people treat you worse than school when they’re paying you. They get all bossy: do this, do that, never do that again.

 People go to school, people go to work, they do everything everyone tells them to do so they can get good grades & make some money. But when it comes to serving GOD everyone wants a free pass to serve Him however they feel like serving Him. That didn’t work when you were 6 & it won’t work now. Get with the program.

Pastor Joel Everhart

December 29, 2019

For the longest time I struggled making pie crusts. If I managed to put one together at all it was more of a patchwork job, thicker in some places, very thin in others. Some were way too sticky, others far too dry. Add to that the fact I left the counters a mess & it was pretty much a disaster.

No more! Now I have the perfect pie crust each & every time. My secret? Pre-made pie crusts you can find in your grocery store refrigerated section. I learned that secret from my mom who was herself an excellent crust maker. She said, “Why go to all that trouble when these taste just as good?”

When you find a better or easier way of doing something, do it. That’s what today’s text tells us. Stop living the world’s way in sinful, destructive patterns. Learn to follow the paths of righteousness, wisdom & joy the Lord illuminates in His Word. Like all change, it will take some time to adapt but it will be time & effort that will pay great dividends for the rest of your life.

Pastor Joel Everhart

December 22, 2019

I went into the Ollie’s Outlet in South Hanover in search of Lara Bars, a favorite snack of our kids & grandkids. I stopped to ask a clerk if they carried the bars. At first, he didn’t know what I was talking about, then he did, but said they didn’t carry them. As I started to walk away he connected the dots between Lara Bars & his battle with Psoriasis (a condition that effects the skin). I heard graphic details of sores breaking out on his arm, a number of treatments he’d tried that did not work & finally what did. There was a special ointment that did the trick but he couldn’t remember what it was called.

I don’t have Psoriasis. I don’t know anyone who needs my advice as to how to treat it. I didn’t need to think about nasty skin lesions. I just wanted some Lara Bars.

When John tells us the Christmas story, he cuts right to what he sees as the most pertinent facts: those things that affect us directly. I wish he worked at Ollies.

Pastor Joel Everhart

December 15, 2019

Last Thanksgiving, I made some broccoli salad along with all the other usual menu items. My wife said, “None of the kids like broccoli salad; why did you go to all that trouble?” I said, “Because I like it.”

The words of Jesus keep ringing in my ear, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross & follow me.” Only people who want to follow Jesus, will. We can talk all day long to them about how wonderful He is, how great the benefits of following Him are, that it will make a huge difference in where they spend eternity … But if they don’t want to follow Jesus, they’re not going to.

The first call of any disciple is simply to be with Jesus. If that doesn’t appeal to you, that’s very sad. If it does sound delightful to you, you’ll be happy to know He can’t wait to scoop you up in His grace & share His joy, peace, wisdom & hope with you. Jesus is better than my broccoli salad & I make a very good one.

Pastor Joel Everhart

December 8, 2019

I was at the deli counter in Weis the other day when a new employee was being trained. She asked me for my order then appeared confused as she looked back & forth through the meat case. Her mentor then pointed out not only where she could find my selection but instructed her on the basic layout of the meats & cheeses. Every item had a specific place in a logical pattern so that everyone working there could quickly find what they were looking for in order to keep customers moving along.

The newbie was a bit embarrassed & apologized for not having remembered what her mentor had obviously told her several times already. “That’s alright,” said her trainer, “soon you’ll know this deli like the back of your hand.”

  It is important to those teaching others that their students learn & stick with the job else instructors would need to start over every day with a new trainee. Today we’ll be talking about following the instructions our Lord has laid down. Thankfully, He’s a patient & forgiving teacher. Jesus isn’t going to drop you just because you make some mistakes. As long as you show up for work wanting to learn He’ll keep the lessons coming.

Pastor Joel Everhart

December 1, 2019

We turned our clocks back one hour the first week in November. Although the official time change does not take place until 2am Sunday morning, we had all our manual clocks adjusted by Saturday afternoon. All, that is, except for the clocks in our vehicles. For the next week I drove down the road startled whenever I looked at the clock thinking I’m running late only to realize I hadn’t changed that clock. I tell myself I’m going to change it as soon as I park. I park but forget all about changing the time. The scenario repeats itself the next trip.

When I finally do get around to making the change, I have to relearn how to do it in each of my cars. It’s only been six months since the last time I’ve done this but for some reason it feels like the first time every time. Curiously, I seem to make the same mistakes all over again as I fumble my way toward success. Knowing how to start the process would be a big help.

This morning we’re going to be talking about where to start whenever you dedicate yourself to becoming a disciple of Jesus. This is where you begin for the first time or where you need to start when you are attempting a comeback. Michael Finnegan, begin again.

Pastor Joel Everhart

November 24, 2019

Last month was “Pastor Appreciation Month” & many of you expressed your love to Barb & me through cards & gifts. Our thanks to all of you for helping us feel so loved & appreciated. The ministry can be a very hard place to be at times. We feel especially blessed to have been given an assignment that includes the wonderful people of New Life Assembly of God. Not only that, but God has granted us the joyful experience of having our son & his family move back into the area several years ago. Is there anything more precious than being close to kids & grandkids?

In the midst of trying to accomplish something, don’t forget to live. Being thankful is one of the keys to a happy life. This morning we’re going to talk about several things we can all be thankful for, regardless of whatever else may be going on all around us. Happy Thanksgiving, New Life!

Pastor Joel Everhart

November 17, 2019

In Home Alone 2 Kevin ends up following a man in an overcoat, just like the one his father was wearing, through the airport. As a result, he ends up on the wrong airplane & thus in New York City while his family lands in Miami. Fortunately for him, Kevin ends up with his dad’s wallet filled with cash & credit cards. However, he learns that freedom, even with a pocket full of money cannot replace the security & love of his family.

How can we be sure we’re following the right Father? How do we know we’ve not been deceived into thinking that what we’ve come to believe is the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth? In this new series titled, “Follow” we’ll be looking at the basics of discipleship: what everyone needs to know who is serious about following Jesus.

Pastor Joel Everhart

November 10, 2019

I’ve had the pleasure of taking 3 of my grandsons fishing & seeing them catch their 1st fish. They’re okay with worms, love pulling their line out of the water with a fish dangling at the end of it & holding it up for pictures. Taking the fish off the hook while it wiggles & squirms…well, not so much. At what age does a child lean not only to catch but gut & clean their dinner? Usually, not until the one teaching them to fish demands it.

Our Heavenly Father is teaching us how to fish for people. It’s a messier business than you might think. He’s not always going to prevent our hands from getting “fishy”. There are disappointments, it takes perseverance, sacrifice & you’ll get pinched but all of that is part of the sport. You will need to learn to deal with the occasional snake. Its time for us to grow up, look, act & live like adults in His Kingdom.

Pastor Joel Everhart

November 3, 2019

I was in the Post Office last month when a fellow came out of the Employees Only door, walked over & unlocked the customer access door.

“They finally hired a man around here,” I said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he scowled.

“Just that I’ve seen nothing but women working the counter here for years,” I replied.

“I don’t work here,” he barked as he disappeared into the next room. The next day I went in to have a letter weighed & guess who was behind the counter waiting on customers – but I guess he doesn’t work there.

Have you noticed that some people are nicer than others? The fact is the customer the man was waiting on when I walked in was a pretty young woman & he could not have been more charming! He was all smiles, joking … The Bible urges us to be genuinely nice. Treat others like brothers & sisters, helping them whenever you can.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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