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June 13, 2021

Have you ever had that feeling like you’re the only real person and everything & everyone else is just staging? You’re not but there is something to be said for being watched by others we can’t see. I’m not talking about Big Brother or the many, many cameras we have running wherever we go today.

Not only will you one day be a trophy of God’s grace; today you are on display as God works His glory through your life. I’m not quite sure how it all works, if there’s a Joel channel, a Tom channel, etc. where those above can tune into at any given moment or not. Somehow, our life is fascinating beyond those brief moments we feel fully engaged and entertained. Its real reality tv. As you go about your life realize you’re not alone, you are on display!

June 6, 2021

What if you got a text from your spouse telling you they’d invited Jesus over for dinner tonight? She or he told Jesus you make a really good whatever and now you’re expected to cook for the Lord. What would that feel like? No pressure, right? Jesus in a crowd, Jesus in the Temple teaching, Jesus passing by are all different than Jesus coming to your house to sit at a table across from you, eating food you prepared, talking about…Oh my, what do I talk about with Jesus? The weather? How’s work going? The sinful thought I had at lunch today? AWKWARD!

How do you talk to someone who knows what you’re thinking? I don’t know about you but I think I’d play the role of Martha, busy in the kitchen, not Mary sitting at His feet. Let me demonstrate my love for Jesus not have Him examine my heart… But what if I didn’t know it was Jesus, Creator of the Universe, etc.? What if He just seemed like a really nice fellow, someone easy to talk to with soft eyes and an easy smile?

-Pastor Joel Everhart

May 30, 2021

  God’s family is multiracial. “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” The devil does his best to divide us, and sadly, he is often quite successful. But perfect love casts out all fear. Fear isn’t the only thing perfect love casts out. Prejudice, bitterness, anger and hatred also have to go.

To be a Christian is to walk as Jesus walked. He came to save us all. He died for all people. Our cultural differences are lost in the precious blood of Christ and we are heirs and joint heirs with all other believers from around the world.

The Kingdom of God has no 2nd class citizens, just sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. If you find any remnants of hate in your heart, repent and ask the Lord to fill you with the kind of love that embraces others different from yourself.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

May 23, 2021

  I’m not a vacation sort of a guy. I’d just as soon keep working. But this week I’m on vacation. I like vacation once I’ve vacated but for whatever reason it’s hard to get me moving in that direction. We’re praying that my wife is in good enough condition that we can at least get out of town for a while. Our plan is to visit her brother who doesn’t look to have long to live. Please keep us all in prayer. I believe this is an important trip for us to make.

Beyond that, the Lord seems to be telling me I need to use more of my vacation time for the good of my ministry. My brains need a change of scenery in order to work better. He reminded me that He required His people to stop working and join a festival at least three times a year. Do you have any plans to “get away” this year? It can be a great investment in your every other day of the year. God has given us all good things to enjoy so get out every so often and enjoy them.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

May 16, 2021

When I was a boy, I had a Johnnie West action figure and one of the highlights of my life was getting his horse, Thunderbolt! My Dad took me to Kmart, we perused the isles through the toy section until we came to the right place; there were only two Thunderbolts left. I grabbed the 1st box and we were off to the registers. We weren’t long in the car headed for home when I opened the box but what a surprise I got. The horse was inside but none of the accessories, no saddle, saddlebags, bridle, gun case, nothing. Dad turned the car around and we marched right back into the store. Moments later my life was whole again.

Without the saddle Johnnie just slid off Thunderbolt and he’d have to carry his Winchester everywhere he went. Although I eventually lost most all of the accessories, I wanted what I’d paid for and enjoyed them while they lasted.

Our salvation comes with wonderful accessories that make our lives exciting, purposeful, meaningful & useful. Most believers, however, opt for the basic salvation: sins forgiven and a reservation in heaven. Such a waste of time and space! Go back for more. Find out what you were created to do then do it with gusto.

May 9, 2021

Can you even imagine what it would be like to be the first two people on the planet? No parents around to emulate, no one with prior experience to talk to, nobody to vent to about that funny quirk your mate has… And the first birth?! No midwife, OBGYN, or anyone who’s been through it before to coach you through! Our original mother, Eve, must have some great stories to tell. I can hardly wait to meet her and hear about what her journey on earth was like.

No Walmart, not even a Dollar General to run to. No plumbers, carpenters, electricians… No mom and dad to run home to whenever Adam was in one of his moods. Even with all these conveniences, today’s moms are facing unprecedented challenges. Autism and other disorders are on the rise. The insane acceleration of technology; who can keep up with what their kids are learning? Their bodies are maturing at a younger age but their minds are adulting at later and later ages. Eve never had to compete with social media for her children’s attention. Mom, we salute you! May God grant you great grace to fulfill all your roles.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

May 2, 2021

The dog and I go to bed early. Sometimes I ask her if she’s ready for bed & at other times she starts hinting to me that’s its time. As I laid there the other night, I looked at this lump of fir that took up the space between where I was and where my wife would later be. “Who ever thought of bringing animals into the house?” was the thought that ran through my head. Then I started thinking about the vet bills, the special food we buy for her, the expensive treats we feed her because they contain stuff that’s supposed to help her aging joints… She often snores. If you move around too much in the middle of the night, she’ll growl to express her annoyance. We annoy her. Sometime between 10:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. she’ll want to go out to take a leak. We have a doggie door and a string of lights that stay on all night for this very purpose but she doesn’t like to go alone. She’ll wake me up to walk her to the door unless my wife is still up. I love my dog, I don’t know why, but I do. I’d have more money and sleep if I didn’t have a dog but what can I say, we’re dog people.

That must be at least a little bit of what it’s like for God to love people. He’d have a lot less grief without us. He wouldn’t have had to come and suffer such a tremendous price to redeem us if we didn’t exist. Yet He did it & would do it again if it was necessary. All because He just can’t get enough of us. “I don’t know why Jesus loved me…ah, but I’m glad, so glad He did.”

-Pastor Joel Everhart

April 25, 2021

I can’t help it, whenever my grandkids come over for a visit, I feed them. I always have a stash of their favorites on hand with a heavy emphasis on candy, cookies, and ice cream. While I man the kitchen, my wife pulls out games, toys, and activities. Why? We enjoy making them happy. Their joy brings us a lot of pleasure. A bonus is that they end up thinking that Grandpa & Memaw are wonderful.

This is the essence of today’s text. God lavishes on us wonderful expressions of His grace because making us happy, fulfilled, and purposeful makes Him happy. As a bonus we live in the realization that He is awesome and that our lives would be trashed without Him. Its all to the Praise of His Glory.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

April 18, 2021

You can now watch TV on your phone or computer or for some people, your wristwatch! Otherwise, you will view your shows on your 50+ inch widescreen television. We’re going micro at the same time we’re going macro! We watch smaller & larger screens than ever before. Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

Paul begins his epistle to the Ephesians by pointing out two very different views. The 1st is the trouble these people were having surviving the persecution being leveled at them from the unbelievers around them. The other is what they were soon to inherit from God. The prize is worth the price; the eternal glory about to be revealed was much more valuable than the pain they experienced for the moment.

When you’re suffering you need to step back and get a good look at the big picture. Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. No more crying there…

-Pastor Joel Everhart

April 11, 2021

Tough world; great church. That’s the story of the church Paul founded in Ephesus. As soon as the church began to take hold in Ephesus it got the attention of the local silversmiths whose livelihood was threated as people left idolatry to embrace Christ. Those idol-smiths stirred up the whole city against these new converts causing them to choose to go deeper in their faith or abandon it altogether. The result was a church willing to suffer in order to know Jesus. Their resolve attracted others to the faith and their body continued to grow. In this next series we’ll be studying Paul’s letter to this brave congregation and discover some wonderful truths about who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

April 4, 2021

One morning I carried my running shoes in from the garage and set them down on the mat just inside our front door. I sat down, picked up the right shoe and proceeded to put it on my foot but there was obviously something in it. I pulled my foot out, held it up so I could look inside and out jumped a cricket! Apparently, crickets can’t smell else he’d have never taken up residence in one of my running shoes. Or, could it be that this particular cricket had been bad and the others had sentenced him to a night in the shoe?

However it was that he ended up in my shoe, his sudden evacuation of the same gave me quite a start. The unexpected will do that to you. Jesus’ disciples did not expect Him to rise from the dead. They had trouble believing it was true. Seeing Him again was shocking, delightful, intriguing, freaky and marvelous. His sudden aliveness brought fear, joy and a tremendous change of plans. Indeed, this changes everything.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

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