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October 10, 2021

Social engineers are talking about the day when the only people who need to go to work are those who want to go to work. Automation will produce and deliver any goods or services our hearts can desire. When you call a company, you’ll be talking to a computer that sounds and responds “just like a human”. We’ll even have robots with the capability to fix robots, computers, automobiles, etc. Our only occupation will be deciding what we would like to do with our time.

I happen to think that work is a blessing from God. Many of my friends, although there are things they’d change about their jobs, actually enjoy working. Some of them work in their spare time. While there are those who are overwhelmed there are others who find satisfaction and contentment by staying busy (but not too busy).

Have you found a good balance between working, resting, and recreating? Are there any changes you need to make in order to make yours a life worth living?

-Pastor Joel Everhart

October 3, 2021

Got kids? Got parents? George Orwell envisioned a world where people gave birth but their children were raised in institutions. There they would be indoctrinated by those in charge to serve the leader’s self-interests. Sadly, that sounds attractive to far too many people today.

Raising kids is hard. Having parents can be frustrating. However, family is still the best way to prepare little humans for life. And, as it turns out, after all the challenges, struggles & adventures, it proves to be the most rewarding venture a person can experience. You won’t have each other forever. Cherish those moments that make you smile, warm your heart or correct your mistakes. Funny how what often causes us to cry today will make us laugh tomorrow. Some of us have a lot of laughter to look forward to.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

September 26, 2021

Ever get tired of seeing the same commercial over and over again? There’s a certain insurance company, in fact, come to think of it, I think I’m tired of seeing insurance company commercials period. You don’t suppose they’re trying to be so annoying it’s impossible to forget their name, do you?

Well, I hope I’m not being annoying by tackling the subject of husbands and wives one last time in this series. Its important to have a realistic picture of what to expect from a relationship so the enemy doesn’t convince you that your marriage is doomed when in fact you’re experiencing obstacles common to living with a life long partner.

I’m told that catchup was formulated to hide the taste of bad meat back in the day when the industry wasn’t well regulated. Cook the foul beef and smother it with catchup in order to get it past your taste buds. Love is relationship catchup. It helps you tolerate your spouse’s shortcomings so you can enjoy the nourishment of their strengths and gifts. When your partner goes through a foul season, pour out a little more love.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

September 19, 2021

Recently, induction ceremonies for the NFL Hall of Fame classes of 2020 & 2021 were held in Canton, Ohio. That was the same weekend the Steelers beat the Cowboys in the 1st preseason game of the year. I enjoyed watching and listening to many of the inductee’s speeches. Of special note was how almost to a man they thanked their wives for the support they’d given them through their career. Even more special was that several of them noted that they’d met their wife in the 8th or 9th grade. That meant that these women were there by their side long before they were standouts in college and well before their talents produced huge paychecks. Getting drafted, recovering from injuries, surgeries, trades, contract negotiations, fighting for a roster spot, moving from one end of the country to the other… Through all that and more, these ladies had stood by their men. And the men were very clear that their spouse’s support was vital to their success both on and off the field. Life is a team sport. Be thankful for the members of your team.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

September 12, 2021

If you have little kids or grandkids, especially if they are boys, you are likely familiar with their propensity to wrestle with you. Even though they lose every match they keep coming back for more. I had a friend who used to hold his boys down until they said “mercy” but they were so young it came out “merthy”. They would cry for mercy yet as soon as their dad let them up, they’d jump on him again.

Security ought to be a word that describes our families. We feel safe in the arms of those who are stronger than us. In fact, we rely on their strength. Even when we are competing with them or have made them angry, we count on the fact that their strength will be kept under control and not be used to harm us. When you are the one entrusted with the muscle, be sure the rest of the family knows you stand with, for, and behind them all the way.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

September 5, 2021

Every husband knows when his wife is not in the mood for a hug or a kiss simply by the way she is standing. If her arms are crossed or her hands are on her hips, her feet are slightly apart and squarely planted, her eyes are narrow, her jaw is set he’d be better off cuddling with a cactus. Even if we’re having a tough day we should “soften” whenever our mate approaches us. Like Captain Kirk commanding the Enterprise we need to lower our shields, disengage our weapon systems, and prepare a welcoming party. Have you ever seen an engaged couple that wasn’t down right giddy to see one another? Take a cue from your dog and be happy to see your partner.

How we approach, how we receive our “better half” will go a long way toward how the rest of the day will go. Stop treating one another like the complaint department and more like the prince or princess you married. Does your stance toward your partner need to change?

-Pastor Joel Everhart

August 29, 2021

Pastor Ray will once again be filling in for me as I take a Sunday off. It is our sincere desire to get out of town for a little while and visit some family. The strong probability is that it will be another stay-cation due to the increase of miseries Barb has been enduring lately. Please keep praying for her as we pray for you. My being home with her adds a small measure of comfort to her struggle to stay positive and hopeful. She is a missionary to those who suffer chronic illness and pain. It’s sad that she never gets to “come home on furlough” and enjoy a break from her own difficulties. Yet, her ministry has born good fruit as she has encouraged others to trust in the Lord through every challenge of life. Don’t forget to maintain contact with your loved ones who may be suffering from illness or age. All too often we keep running with the healthy and leave the hurting to fend for themselves. Remember Jesus’ admonition that when we visit those in prison or feed those who are hungry, or help those who are sick, we are ministering directly to Him.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

August 22, 2021

People are very sensitive these days as to being treated like anything less than an equal even if it’s by a boss, a supervisor, or an elected official. We don’t mind honoring others unless they come across as expecting to be treated better than anyone else. Biblical submission isn’t a front we put on in order to fool others into thinking we’re more humble than we actually are; it’s a genuine expression of our understanding that we need to esteem others as better than ourselves. Nowhere is that more vital than in our homes!

Why is it we have an easier time submitting to strangers than to the members of our own household? Trusting God to be the fair and honest judge, we are free to submit to one another in love.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

August 15, 2021

Doug & Jackee Raught are missionaries we’ve supported for decades. They started out in IMM (International Media Ministries) but soon transitioned to leading the “Fire Choir” in Belgium. The Fire Choir invites people from a very non-churched culture to join a community choir where they learn and perform Black Gospel Music. In the course of learning the songs and interacting with the missionaries a number of them have become followers of Jesus! An invitation to receive Christ was also issued in each of their concerts. It was a very unique way of taking Jesus to a nation uninterested in going to church.

Recently, the Raught’s have transitioned once again, this time from leading the Fire Choir back to IMM. With a strong background in graphic design and media their goal is to share the gospel via every available technological outlet. It came as quite a surprise to me personally when they made this latest change because of how vested they’ve been for so long in their ministry in Belgium. Not only did they change ministries they changed countries! Their new assignment is in Spain.

Why make the leap from choir director to program producer/director? When they checked in with the Lord, He wanted to reassign them. By “Checking Coordinates” they were as shocked as anyone that they’d be making such a drastic move. Have you checked in with the Lord lately? Maybe He’s preparing to redirect your life too!

-Pastor Joel Everhart

August 8, 2021

I run so early in the morning that its always dark. The other day I ran through a large branch someone had set out by the curb without having seen it before I hit it. Thankfully, I maintained my balance and only sustained a minor scratch but it was a startling experience. Something I never saw cut me and could have done a lot more damage. That’s the problem with trying to navigate in the dark: you don’t see the obstacles until its too late. Many a stubbed toe can attest to that fact!

God gives us a choice: 1) We can walk in the light of His wisdom, obeying His ways or 2) Run with the devil in the dark. If you choose option #2 sooner or later you’re going to stumble and fall. You won’t see it coming but you will feel the pain. Sinners can’t help but sin; those who have been saved have a choice. Choose life, choose light, choose to follow Jesus and reap the rewards of God’s favor.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

August 1, 2021

If we were playing a game where we were asking others to guess who we were acting like, what things would you do &/or say to imitate me? How about Pastor Ray? President Trump? President Biden? Joe Calhoun (the weatherman)?

Now here’s one for you; Paul asks us to be imitators of God! How do we pull that one off? Create any universes lately? Part any seas? Heal anyone?

Maybe we can start by caring for others the way He cares for us or saying things like, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Feeding enemies, being nice to strangers & blessing those who curse us also come to mind.

I don’t think anyone is going to mistake us for God but hopefully they’ll see a family resemblance.

-Pastor Joel Everhart

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